Young Readers Fest

Young Readers Fest Schedule

Saturday, Nov. 4

At Bookmans Entertainment Exchange

9 a.m. to Noon: Head over to the Flagstaff Bookmans for a chance to work on book-making, literacy games, story-time and more for our youngest. Event is great for children two to six years old and their families. Help get the little ones excited about books and reading with these engaging programs.

At the Downtown Library

1-1:30 p.m.: Join our opening author Matthew Henry Hall as leads some fun singalongs and shares his latest book The Lucky Hat, about a boy who loses his hat at the Grand Canyon and keeps returning to find it.

1:30-2 p.m.: Local author Susan Olberding shares her book for young and old alike on the joys and wonders of the San Francisco Peaks, and tells a few stories along the way.

2 p.m.-2:30 p.m.: Navajo artist and illustrator Bahe Whitethorne Jr., who has worked on the Salina Bookshelf series Keepers of the Windclaw Chronicles and a story on the Navajo Twins, will share his creative processes and insights.

2:30-3 p.m.: Author Nancy Bo Flood will share her book young teens, Soldier Sister, Fly Home, about a Navajo girl whose sister heads to war, and a promise that she needs to keep. Nancy is the author of several books for readers of all ages.

3 p.m.-4 p.m.: We move warp speed into some thrilling sci-fi and speculative fiction with readings from Amy K. Nichols (While You Were Gone and Now That You’re Here) and Aden Polydoros (The Pandora Project).


At the Bright Side Bookshop, 18 N. San Francisco

6 p.m.-8 p.m.: Join us for our Young Adult Author Night at Bright Side Bookshop. We’ll have refreshments, a display of great books, and a lot of excitement and fun on tap. Celebrated young adult authors Amy Fellner Dominy and Erin Jade Lange will present and share thoughts and stories on their books. Dominy is the author of Die For You and A Matter of Heart. Lange is the author of Dead Ends, Butter, and Rebel Bully Geek Pariah.

Erin Jade Lange is the author of contemporary young adult novels, BUTTER, DEAD ENDS and REBEL BULLY GEEK PARIAH. She writes facts by day and fiction by night. As a journalist, she is inspired by current events and real-world issues and uses her writing to explore how those issues impact teenagers.

She is an only child, so she spent a lot of time entertaining herself as a kid. This required her to rely heavily on her own imagination, which is probably why she became a writer.

Erin grew up in the cornfields of northern Illinois along the Mississippi River in one of the few places it flows east to west. She now lives in the sunshine of Arizona and will forever be torn between her love of rivers and her love of the desert.