The Northern Arizona Book Festival

October 10-16, 2016

Now in its 21st year, the Northern Arizona Book Festival will bring a weeklong literary extravaganza filled with readings, workshops, and book signings.

Celebrating Flagstaff’s vibrant literary Renaissance, the Northern Arizona Book Festival will showcase many of the literary events that run throughout the year, including the Viola Award winning Narrow Chimney Reading series, Poet’s Den, and Barley Rhymes. This year will feature over fifty local and visiting writers, such as Diana Gabaldon, Nicole Walker, William Trowbridge, Miles Waggener, Doug Peacock, William Pitt Root, and Pamela Uschuk.

Located throughout the historic downtown, events will take place at Uptown Pubhouse, Firecreek, The Orpheum, and numerous other bars, restaurants, book stores, and locally owned businesses.